Welcome Freya to the Physiotherapy team

We are very excited to welcome Freya to our Physiotherapy team

Freya graduated with a Masters of Physiotherapy and a Bachelor of
Health Science from La Trobe University in Melbourne in 2016. She also
has both matwork and reformer Pilates certifications through Unite
Health and DMA Clinical Pilates.

With extensive experience gained from working across private
musculoskeletal settings in both Sydney and Melbourne for the past 7
years, it was here that Freya discovered her passion for clinical Pilates
and the intricacies and benefits of movement-based rehabilitation.

Freya loves the concept that everyone can and is a firm believer that
everyone SHOULD do Pilates. She has taught small group clinical,
private sessions, ante and post-natal classes and also fitness Pilates
classes on both the mat and the reformer. Her diverse teaching
approach has expanded her repertoire to incorporate elements of
mobility, control, stability and strength, ensuring a personalized and
holistic Pilates experience for her clients.

Freya thoroughly enjoys encouraging people to get their body moving
even if they are new to exercise, or high-level athletes returning to their
sport of choice- ultimately inspiring her clients to reach their highest
functional capacity. Her passion for movement is not limited to her
professional life; she actively participates in regular Pilates classes and
long-distance running, but also balances this out with her love for eating
delicious food and drinking champagne!

Freya’s expertise involves utilising biomechanical assessments to
facilitate the appropriate treatment for her clients, including but not
limited to; dry needling, soft tissue release, manual therapy and exercise
based rehabilitation and education. She has a keen interest in neck pain
and postural strain, lower back pain, running injuries and pre- and post-
natal Pilates. She especially enjoys encouraging people to activate
muscles they didn’t even know they had!


Freya is available for Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates, Prenatal Pilates and Mums and Bubs at our Hampton East studio.