About Us

All for One brings together a team of the best healthcare professionals in their field encompassing Physiotherapy, Psychology, Nutrition, Massage, Pilates, Yoga, Meditation/Mindfulness and Spin. By bringing this inspiring team together under one roof we are able to ensure clear communication and collaboration to create a personalised and highly effective plan for each individual, ensuring the best possible outcomes for you.

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Our mission is to provide holistic evidence-based healthcare to enable our clients to treat their injuries and pain through movement, mindfulness, healthy diets and healthy lifestyles rather than medications and surgery.
At All for One we know that you cannot have physical health without mental health and vice versa. We also know that healthcare should be preventative rather than reactive.

We offer a range of membership options to access our Pilates, Yoga, Spin, Meditation, Spin, Circuit and Boxing classes. We believe the best benefits come from moving your body in different ways and listening to what your body needs. Some days you want to strengthen in Pilates, some days you want to stretch in Yoga, other day’s you need a good sweat in Spin and sometimes after a long stressful day you just need to sit and meditate.
All for One goes beyond a clinical and fitness studio but serves as a community hub. The friendly staff are always up for a chat, with the sincere desire to help you feel at home and make your experience both positive and rewarding. We care about every single person who enters our doors and practice kindness and compassion to all. All for One will celebrate all your wins and your highs together and be here for when you need support to lift you through your lows.
We are All for You.

Our Team

Experts in their field, specialists in holistic health

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  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
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