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Our Physiotherapy treatments at All for One studios in Yarraville are lead by experienced Physiotherapists and rebatable with Private Health Insurance. Physiotherapy examines the physical body, to address and identify underlying imbalances, insufficiencies and limitations. At our All for One Physiotherapy centre we strongly believe in the interconnectedness of the whole body, providing a scientific and evidence based and holistic approach to healing, rehabilitation and optimising function.


"Everything is connected, and everything matters"

We work together with our clients to understand their individual state and achieve optimal results

Our Physiotherapist’s will guide you through a detailed consultation to establish your needs and goals followed by a concise examination to identify your clinical presentation and biomechanics.Treatments consist of a variety of manual therapy techniques, exercise prescription, education and as required we may recommend Pilates, Yoga or Meditation with one of our highly trained staff to compliment your treatment.

At All for One we promote a multi-disciplinary approach to health and wellbeing. We may refer to our onsite performance and wellbeing psychologist, our dietitian or any other relevant specialist. Our physiotherapist’s are highly skilled and with highly effective rehabilitation programs and corrective and Preventative Exercises, our team of physiotherapist’s can provide you with pain relief and long term solutions to help you get your life back. Located in Yarraville our Physiotherapy service’s include managing sporting injuries, back and neck pain, acute and chronic pain, pre and post surgery, Workcover, TAC, Medicare, fitness and balance training and more

Our Team

Experts in their field, specialists in holistic health

Nicole Van Der Zee

Nicole Van Der Zee Yoga Teacher / Meditation Guide

Luke ODonnell

Luke ODonnell Massage Therapist

Kasey Frawley

Kasey Frawley Meditation & mindfulness practitioner

Mika Kamikubo

Mika Kamikubo Massage Therapist

Electra Tomasino

Electra Tomasino Psychologist

Gen Braund

Gen Braund Yoga Teacher

Elle Hodgeman

Elle Hodgeman Pilates Instructor

Richard Scott

Richard Scott Principal Physiotherapist / Director

Nadine Scott

Nadine Scott Guest Host / Director

Vee Zivkovic

Vee Zivkovic Reformer Pilates Instructor

Lucy Bourchier

Lucy Bourchier Yoga Teacher

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