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Love your body. It's done an amazing thing

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Here at All For One we believe that getting back into movement after birth is really important for recovery, but we also know that doing this with a new baby comes with some challenges.

We launched our Mums and Bubs postnatal exercise classes to address the barrier of not being able to attend exercise sessions with bub. Here, they can join in on the fun! It’s also a great opportunity to socialise with other new Mums in the Yarraville area.

Classes focus on gently getting you back into movement, with the goal of exercising every part of your body each class using a combination of body weight, light weights and Pilates equipment.

Our class sizes are limited to six Mums so we can get to know you and bub, and are run by a Physiotherapist (who also doesn’t mind a cuddle if bub is particularly restless!).

Mums and Bubs

“Love your body. It's done an amazing thing”

Having a little one doesn’t need to get in the way of your movement goals.

Prior to your first class, you will have an assessment with a Physiotherapist. We will discuss relevant details of your birth and any questions you have, as well as assess any injuries, pain or dysfunction you are currently experiencing. We will also talk about pelvic floor function, as well as look at your abdominal muscles to see if you have any separation, so that this information can be taken into account when you’re doing the classes.

Each exercise in these classes has progressions and regressions to allow for differing levels of fitness, stomach separation and pelvic floor dysfunction to a limited extent. You will be directed by the Physiotherapist regarding which progression is the most appropriate for you.

If you are experiencing significant pain, pelvic floor dysfunction or other concerns, it may be recommended that you try our clinical exercise classes, in which you will receive an individualised program to more safely meet your health goals.

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