Weekly Membership Agreement



·Weekly Membership Terms & Conditions·

Effective 1/04/24


1. Payments are debited based on the specified weekly or fortnightly regular
schedule (via our Mindbody billing system) by All for One Studios Pty Ltd.

2. By signing up, you agree to the first deduction taking place at the time of purchase
(unless requested otherwise) and agree to recurring debits on the same day, each week/fortnight from your nominated financial institution.

3. The minimum commitment period is 12 weeks from first direct debit.
Memberships cannot be cancelled within the first 12 weeks of the membership activation date.

4. Memberships are on-going and will be cancelled only when a written request is emailed to All for One Studios to do so.

5. 2 x weekly / Base memberships entitles you to a total of 2 studio classes per week.

3 x weekly membership entitles you to a total of 3 studio classes per week. Any extra
classes will be automatically processed as a single class pass unless otherwise requested via email or a pack has been purchased.


6. All requests for cancellations must be received in writing via email, with a
minimum of 7 days’ notice before the next billing cycle. Please allow 3 business
days for your request to be actioned. Membership fees already charged cannot be refunded.


7. All requests for suspensions to be received in writing, via email to your home studio , with a minimum of 7 days’ notice before the requested suspension dates. Minimum suspension period is 7 days and maximum are 6 weeks in one calendar year.

8. Failing to reactivate your membership within 6 weeks may result in your previous membership rate being forfeited.



9. All bookings are self-managed, and clients are solely responsible for the booking
and cancelling of their classes. Clients need to reserve class spots online via our
website or the Mindbody App. Bookings will open 14 days in advance.


10. In the event a scheduled class is booked to capacity, you may place yourself on
the waitlist for the class. If you add yourself to a wait list, you are solely responsible
for managing your bookings and for cancelling your classes within the bounds of the
cancellation policy. The system will auto-populate clients into class from the waitlist
as soon as other clients with confirmed spots cancel, and class slots will be assigned
as such. If moved from the waitlist into the class, the class cancellation policy applies.

For popular classes, we suggest booking your classes in advance to avoid missing out.

We cannot guarantee a spot in your preferred classes.


11. We have a strict 9pm cancellation policy for AM classes and require 6 hours’
notice for PM classes. Classes cancelled outside of the above timeframes will result in the class being forfeited if you are using a pack and a $15 late cancellation fee if you are on a membership. This class cannot be rescheduled.

Not showing up to a booked class will be considered a “no show” and result in a $15
no show fee. Fees will be charged to members accounts. Fees are automatically
system-generated and cannot be reversed. Please ensure you have read and
understood our Booking Policies prior to commencing bookings.

Late cancellation or no-show fees are not a punishment. They are to ensure that
classes are only booked by those able to attend and help reduce waitlists. We like to
avoid seeing empty spots in classes that other members could have enjoyed.

12. Terms and Conditions are subject to change, with given notice by All for One Studios.

13. All communication about your membership should be made in writing via

email to your home studio

Injured or Pregnant?

It is your full responsibility to disclose any injuries and/or pregnancies and/or
concerns with the individual trainer before commencing any workouts at All for One
Studios. If the trainer believes you to be unfit to participate in physical activity on any
given day, you may be required to provide medical clearance before recommencing any sessions in the studio.

If you are injured and unsuitable for studio classes:

We have Clinical Pilates available for you so we can work with you to get to the level
needed for you to then continue in our studio classes. Please discuss with us.

If you are pregnant:

Up to 12 weeks there are no restrictions, and you are not required to let your
instructor know unless you have been told otherwise by your doctor or OB.

You may join in all studio classes as normal.

. After 12 weeks pregnancy we have specific Prenatal Pilates classes for you to
attend. These are safe and suitable for you to participate in all the way up until childbirth.

Spin is also suitable for you to participate in unless otherwise advised.

A waiver must be signed upon creating a Mindbody Account All for One Studios.
Please refer to your waiver form for further terms and conditions.
By completing a Direct Debit Weekly Membership Form and participating in the
services provided by All for One Studios, you agree to these terms and conditions.


Now that all the serious stuff is out of the way thank-you for joining our community at

All for One Studios. We promise it’s a lot more fun than this form!