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What are the benefits of Yoga and which is the right class for you?

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Yoga is integral to everything we do at All for One and we welcome all to join us on the Mat. Our classes are suitable for all levels and abilities. Read out on to find about more about our different types of classes and the benefits of Yoga.

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If you havn’t done Yoga before you may think that Yoga is all stretching and chanting however there are many benefits of doing Yoga and the benefits can be quite different depending on which type of Yoga class you join.

  • Yoga can help with back and neck pain
  • Yoga improves flexibility
  • Yoga helps with stress relief
  • Yoga helps improve mental health
  • Yoga may reduce inflammation
  • Yoga increases strength
  • Yoga decreases anxiety
  • Surveys show Yoga participants report increased quality of life
  • Yoga helps boost immunity
  • Yoga improves balance
  • Yoga can improve cardiovascular function
  • Yoga helps sleep
  • Yoga helps self esteem
  • Yoga improves bone health
  • Yoga can promote better posture
  • Yoga improves body awareness
  • Yoga can improve brain functioning
  • Yoga can help with burnout

The research on the many benefits of Yoga is only increasing and with all of those benefits who wouldn’t want to give it a go!

At All for One we keep our classes to a small size so the teacher is able to see and help everyone in the class. Our classes are suitable for everyone from advanced yogis to absolute beginners. We particularly love to share our passion for Yoga with beginners and help them grow their confidence and ability in Yoga and experience the many benefits.

We have a few different types of classes and they are quite different so read on to see which is best for you.

Yin Yoga

Yin is a restorative and meditative practice that nurtures the body and deepens mental and physical strength. Moving slowly, poses are held for longer periods than in a typical yoga class. Students are encouraged to focus deep within the body, engaging with and noticing different sensations that arise.

Incorporating the use of bolsters, blocks and blankets to create a relaxing and comfortable environment, Yin Yoga is suitable for all levels of students and a perfect complement to a demanding lifestyle. Join us to create time to gently move and respond with softness to the needs of your busy body.

If you want to focus on slowing down, relaxing and stretching then this is the class for you

Yoga Flow

Our Flow classes combine dynamic movement and breath, linked together in powerful, intelligently designed sequences that will take you deeper into your body and mind, allowing your everyday stresses to fall away, breath by breath. You will notice both subtle and dramatic changes in your strength and flexibility, while cultivating mindfulness, grace and ease in your movements. Our refreshingly uncomplicated approach to practice will inspire and uplift, allowing you to walk away feeling energized, balanced and light! Open to all levels, beginners will be guided, while seasoned yogis can explore depth in their practice with offered modifications.

If you’re looking for a more physically challenging Yoga where you can get a sweat on, this is the class for you.

Yoga Slow

Our Yoga Slow classes maintain an element of flow but the tempo is slowed down so that movement can be refined and aligned. It is a practise designed to build strength and stamina for both the body and the mind. Through progressive sequencing that builds on a key alignment focus, or gradually builds towards a peak pose, those who are new to yoga will be educated on alignment, whilst at the same time, more experienced practitioners will appreciate the refinement and detail at a slower pace.

If you’re looking for a slowed down classes that spends more time focusing on each pose or looking to build knowledge and confidence for a Flow class then this is the class for you


We know that Yoga can be a bit intimidating for beginners so if you’re not sure where to start, have any questions or need any extra support please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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