What to expect at a Physiotherapy Appointment

So what happens at a Physiotherapy appointment and what is the All for One difference?

Whether you’re new to physio or a seasoned veteran, here’s what you can expect from a physiotherapy appointment at All for One…


When you arrive at All for One you will find easy parking directly in front of the door and upon entering All for One will be greeted and welcomed by our Guest Host immediately. After filling out a bit of paperwork and being shown around you will be ready to have a complimentary tea and/or snack and head into your Physiotherapy appointment.

  • Starting on time – We run our appointments on time and will not keep you sitting around waiting

So what first?


  • Listening to your needs – Physiotherapists get a lot of useful information from a “subjective assessment,” aka listening to what you and your story. You are the biggest expert on you and we will use this assessment to start to form an idea of what the problem is and what is causing it. This will give us an idea of what is going on and how we can help you. Your physio will ask you to explain what’s happening and prompt you with questions if needed. They will likely ask you about any activities/tasks you may be having difficulty with, any pain you are experiencing, as well as your general health and any other factors that could influence this.

    • Objective Assessment – Once your physio has completed a subjective assessment we look for further information on what the issue may be. We can conduct different physical tests and observations and with an astute attention to detail, physiotherapists are trained to analyse how people move. They do so by looking at your gait (walking), the way you perform everyday tasks, and by performing physical testing to assess for injury and gauge your strength, flexibility, and sensation. Findings from a subjective and physical examination will guide your physiotherapy treatment plan.


    • Goal setting – In order for you to get the most out of physiotherapy, we need to understand what matters most to you. Physiotherapists have training in setting goals and will collaborate with you to provide treatment that meets your needs. 
    • Treatment – Using information from the assessment, physios will deliver treatments to help you achieve your goals. At All for One, we believe in using movement as medicine and will always incorporate a form of targeted exercise into your treatment plan, along with advice and education to empower you to manage your condition. We will focus and develop what you can do not tell you what you can’t! Depending on your situation, treatments may also include manual therapy or dry needling to modulate pain, taping or bracing to support a joint, and advice about lifestyle factors that could impact your recovery. Our treatment plan will aim to first relieve pain and then provide a sustainable long term solution so that the issue will not happen again. We will come back to your goals and make sure they are all being met.
    • A chance to ask questions – Our physiotherapists are here for you, and feel the more you know about your health, the better you can manage it. Feel free to use your time with your physio to ask any questions you might have (there’s no such thing as a stupid question!)
    • Progress – Your physiotherapy plan will include follow-up sessions as required to help you progress towards your goals. Your plan will vary depending on your needs, however, all of our physiotherapy plans will aim to support you as you move forward towards your goals until you feel 100%. Whether that be to manage your pain, …. 
    • Physiotherapy for everyone – At All for One, we offer 1:1 physiotherapy sessions for everyone, and our physios are highly qualified to help people with chronic pain, acute injuries, pre/post-operative rehabilitation, antenatal women, and those looking to improve their health and fitness.

    The first step is booking your Initial assessment! Click here or call 8319 9945