Fundamentals of Meditation 4 Week Course

Fundamentals of Meditation 4 week Course starting soon

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Why would I meditate?

It’s an interesting world we’re living in. Work deadlines, parenting duties, the news cycle, maintaining
social connections, personal goals… there’s a fair bit to balance. And despite our best efforts, the time
allocated to practices that help us stay well, often falls away. We’ve become well skilled at meeting
the demands of the external world while making ourselves wait.
But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a very simple, evidence-based, effective practice that
allows us to take a step back, rest and prioritise ourselves for a moment. And that’s Meditation.
There is an overwhelming body of research demonstrating the profound effects that a regular
meditation practice has on our health. Meditation (even as short as 10 minutes a day) helps to shift us
from striving mode to rest & digest mode. The benefits include lowering levels of stress, anxiety &
rumination and improving clarity, concentration & productivity.
And contrary to common belief, it’s actually not that hard to do. Meditation is something for
everyone, provided you have the strategies and support. If this is sounding like something you need,
learn how to create your own consistent practice by joining us in the Fundamentals of Meditation, 4
week course.

This course is suitable if you are:

• Someone who enjoys meditation but struggles to hold an independent practice
• Experiencing stress or overwhelm and wishing to practice self-care
• Looking to improve mental and emotional wellbeing
• A beginner or perhaps intrigued by meditation
• A past or experienced meditator wanting to reconnect with the essence of the practice
How will this course benefit me?
• Gives you the tools to address stress and overwhelm in a healthy and sustainable way
• Builds your confidence and comfort in ‘coming home’ to yourself (meditating)
• Demystifies meditation and supports you to develop a regular, authentic and committed
• Facilitates transferral of core meditation attitudes into day-to-day experiences
• Broadens your knowledge of modern and traditional meditation practices
In this course you will learn:
• The difference between meditation and mindfulness practice
• The physical, social, mental and emotional benefits of regular meditation
• Strategies to sustainably integrate meditation into your routine
• How to approach your practice and settle into a meditative state
• How to trouble-shoot the common experiences that arise in meditation (i.e. mind-wandering)
• Various approaches to meditation (anchors, modalities and postures)

About the course…

Fundamentals of Meditation is a 4 week course + a bonus 60 minute class. The course will be held
in-studio at All For One and is delivered across four weekends, 2.5 hours per day. Please see
individual studio dates and times attached.
The course covers the following content:
Week 1:
• Meditation 101: what it is, the history and the evidence-based benefits of meditation
• Getting into the habit of meditating (and sticking with it)
• 1 x meditation practice
Week 2:
• Sequence of meditation
• Anchoring your focus part 1: what to rest your attention on (other than breath)
• Trouble-shooting common experiences and hurdles
• 2 x meditation practices
Week 3:
• Anchoring your focus part 2: what to rest your attention on (other than breath)
• Core meditation attitudes
• 3 x meditation practices
Week 4:
• Exploring meditation modalities (bonus guest)
• 3 x meditation practices
Each session includes practice time to give you the opportunity to debrief and receive feedback
before embarking on home practice. Participants also have the opportunity to share their experiences,
challenges and triumphs in a mindful listening circle at the beginning of each session.
One month after the completion of the course, a ‘deepening your meditation practice’ class will be
held. This session will be 60 minutes and serve as an opportunity to check in, discuss how your
independent practice has been going, ask questions and receive support. This session includes a 30
minute meditation practice.

About the teacher…

You’ll be guided by Vivienne Law, a Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher and Registered Nurse (Mental
Health). Vivienne teaches meditation and mindfulness across various settings, including: inpatient,
outpatient group therapy, corporate and in studio. Vivienne found meditation at a time when the
world slowed down. After introducing a daily meditation practice, she began to see how beneficial it
was to come home to yourself for a moment or two. She is passionate about demystifying mindfulness
and meditation, making it accessible and applicable to all. Her approach is spiritual, with a hint of
neuroscience. When you come to practice with her, you’ll be met with warmth, light-heartedness and

What will I receive?

• 10 hours of expert led meditation training
• A course workbook with resources supporting weekly content
• Weekly wrap-up email with additional resources to facilitate learning and practice
• Bonus 60 minute ‘deepening your meditation practice’ class held approximately one month
after the completion of the course.
• Supportive, light-hearted learning environment with like-minded people


When does the course start?

Yarraville: Saturday’s 11am-1.3opm commencing October 15th
Hampton East: Sunday’s 2-4.30pm commencing October 16th
The course runs for a total of 4 weeks. The date and time of the bonus 60 minute class will be
confirmed during the course.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this course?

Sessions are 2.5 hours each week. Home practice is strongly encouraged so you get the most out of
the course. Suggestions will be made each week, ranging from 5-10 minutes practice per day or most
days of the week.

What do I need to bring?

• Pen
• Spare notebook
• Cushions, blankets and anything else that best supports your comfort and learning
• Water and a snack

What kind of support is there if I have questions between sessions?

A method of group communication (if agreed upon by everyone) will be set up in week 1. This could
be a private Facebook group, WhatsApp or messenger chat and serves to provide a central place for
course related questions.
For personal matters related to the course or attendance notifications, please contact Vivienne via
email: and allow 24-48 hours for a response.

What happens if I can’t make a session?

Please ensure you let Vivienne know via email. A weekly wrap-up email will be sent out, with
additional resources, recordings and the home practice set for the week. You’ll also have the
workbook to refer to for information.



$300 for 4 weeks and followup session, workbook included

10% discount for members


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