Now Open: All for One Hampton East

All for One Hampton East Now Open


Hampton Physio


Our Hampton East Studio will offering all the same services as our Yarraville Studio with a full range of Clinical Services and Studio Classes.


Hampton East Physiotherapy


At our Hampton East location we will providing a full range of Physiotherapy Services to the Bayside community. Physiotherapists or Physios are highly educated healthcare practitioners who provide evidence based care to help recovery from injury and surgery, resolve chronic pain and stiffness, increase strength and flexibility in a safe way and prevention of recurrence of pain and injury. At All for One our Physiotherapists are experienced in treating everything from sports injuries to niggly backs. We have a focus on movement as medicine and want to get you stronger, more confident and able to do all those things in life you want to be doing.


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Hampton East Clinical Pilates

All for One Clinical Pilates classes / Clinical Exercises classes are small group classes run by our Physiotherapists. Clinical Pilates is a safe, evidence based way to get more active, stronger, more flexible and resolve pain and injuries. In our Clinical Pilates classes you will have your own individual program catered exactly to your needs and level. We use our Clinical Pilates classes as part of a long term treatment plan to get you ongoing long term results.


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Hampton East Prenatal Pilates


Did you know studios have shown that only up to 14% of pregnant women get enough exercise and that pregnancy nearly always results in a decrease in exercise? It is extra important to be exercising during pregnancy as regular exercise can decrease levels of pelvic and back pain, gestational diabetes, pre eclampsia, pre and post natal depression and high blood pressure. Our Prenatal Pilates Classes are small group classes run by our Physiotherapists who will put together a program that suits your fitness levels and stage of pregnancy. Classes are safe to do the whole way through pregnancy up until child birth!


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Hampton East Mums and Bubs

Just as important is getting moving again Post natally and our Mums and Bubs classes are the perfect way to do that. Focused at a level that is safe yet challenging for all those areas that need it you’ll be in the safe hands of our Physiotherapists.


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Hampton East Studio Classes


At All for One Hampton East we have a full schedule of Yoga, Reformer Pilates, Spin, Boxing, Strength / HIIT and Meditation. With our smaller class sizes you’ll never get lost in the crowd and our expert team will make sure you are moving in a fun, sustainable and effective way to have you reaching your health and wellness goals.


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All for One Hampton East